update March 31, 2013

an update, and this is real (check your calendar)

1. best free Google Reader alternatives
2. helpful advice for pulling a successful all-nighter
3. self-discipline comes first
4. the adverb is not your friend
5. the copywriting infographic
6. the five stages of sleep
7. wikipedia – mental chronometry
8. how to build the ultimate bodyweight gym with PVC
9. diy build your own extra canned food storage
10.  build your own syncing RSS reader with TinyTiny RSS
11. download bootcamp drivers for Mac, Win7 & Win8
12. advance persistent threats: a brief definition
13. 5 signs you’ve been infected with APTs¬†
14. how to remove viruses with system cleanup
15. top 5 pens – pen addict
16. types and uses of binaural beats

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special page – subject verb, XDA and Bootcamp

special pages for my bookmarked items about that ‘subject-verb agreement’ and also the pages from ‘XDA Forum’

Subject-Verb Agreement

1. Countable and uncountable nouns
2. 20 rules about subject-verb agreement
3. countable / uncountable nouns
4. [PDF] Nouns subject-verb
5. Tips and tricks for subject verb agreement

XDA Forum

1. Flashtool Guide – HowTo for newbies
2. Xperia X10 easy rooting kit v4.0
3. 2.1 root method
4. z4root – one-click android rooting app
5. change gmail account without factory reset


1. Installing Windows by using the Bootcamp on Mac
2. Deleting the Bootcamp partition

happy reading guys!


study #2

Guys, this is the new list for study. Updated on March 22, 2013

1. Subjunctive – English Page
2. Subjunctive
3. Amino Acids – Flashcards
4. Who and Whom
5. Who, whom and whose – English Page
6. Liposomes and micelles: Differences and similarities
7. Liposome or micelles?
8. DNA vs RNA – Differences and comparisons
9. Purines vs Pyrimidines – Differences and comparisons
10. Sometimes, some time and sometime
11. Amino acid
12. A while / Awhile
13. Yahoo! Answer – Triplet code DNA
14. pH and enzyme functions
15. YouTube – explain factors affecting enzyme activity
16. a while vs awhile
17. DNA transcription process
18. is “any” singular or plural?
19. HigherED by McGraw Hill

Happy studying this weekend!

update March 22, 2013

new updates after 1 month without any news

1. Polarized sunglasses: how they reduce glare
2. [instructable] Make a butter candle
3. [LYN] Learning japanese
4. Open Laboratory 2013
5. The pygmalion and galatea effect
6. [Wikipedia] Pygmalion Effect
7. The pygmalion effect and creativity
8. How to make an OSX recovery USB Drive
9. Circadian Rhythm sleep disorder
10. [instructable] modular bookshelf
11. How to use Excel to create a bell curve
12. UCK remastering UMR
13. vFAT vs FAT32
14. Periodic table
15. [instructable] satellite laser cannon
16. ResearchGate
17. Ultimate collection of Ps fire tutorials, brushes and textures
18. MacBook’s sudden motion sensor
19. KDE Plasma with sessionK
20. WordPress multisite guide for beginners
21. Protein that could change biotech forever – Forbes

Happy reading everyone!