study #1

Bookmarked items for my study needs Part #1

1. chapter 5 – the structure and function of macromolecules
2. 4 major macromolecules and their structure and fuction
3. solving logarithmic equations
4. factorization and quadratic equations | tutorial
5. factorization, factoring and factors
6. special factoring – sums and differences of cubes and perfect squares
7. functional group flashcard
8. completing the square solving quadratic equation | YouTube
9. ‘people’ – singular or plural?
10. tips on doing well in calculus
11. professional master’s in biotechnology – UPenn
12. subject-verb agreement
13. “I used to” vs “I’m used to it”
14. “If I were” vs “If I was”
15. “If I were you” and other subjunctive stumper

that’s all… thanks!


update January 25, 2013

Another update for NightlyArt Vault (new name… phew).

1. Close your eyes can help you remember better
2. Potrait of INTP
3. Tips and Tricks for the Mac and Mac OSX
4. Change Lion default not to reopen ….
5. How to create bootable windows 7
6. Handbrake Tutorial – Glitch Guides
7. Chris’s Wiki – SystemD
8. Cloud gaming adoption is accelerating
9. Linux Hard Disk Encryption with LUKS
10. How to give negative feedback without sounding like a jerk
11. TED Blog – why school?
12. Claco and other prove you do not need degree to become successful
13. Study hacks, anybody?
14. How to format the Mac’s HD without losing data
15. Lion recovery assistant
16. Alan Watts – What if money was no object
17. Using MS Word 2010’s reference feature (for students)
18. How to add favicon to your WordPress site


tips for TOEFL

Hi. I just got my TOEFL score report and it is fantastic. So, I decided to share how I did it.

1. CZ Training
2. Slideshare – TOEFL Integrated Task
3. English Club – ETS TOEFL practice for Writing
4. Urch – TOEFL IBT Speaking
5. Urch – TOEFL IBT Speaking tips
6. English Club – TOEFL Practice for Speaking
7. English Club – 27 for Speaking
8. English Club – ETS TOEFL Tips
9. English Baby – TOEFL Listening tips

That’s all!