There are several websites (online app/services) out there with  the capability to make anyone’s day sucks less. This list is my attempt to keep tabs on them.

  • Livecoding.tv. Watch people codes (and for beginners, time to learn from pros or be confused by them).
  • Texts. Textbooks are exorbitantly expensive. Let’s buy cheaper ones.
  • Quartzy. Free lab management platform. I heard it is completely free.
  • Pexels Videos. Free stock footages.
  • Privacy Tools. Those with paranoia about web security in the online world, this website has the resources for you.
  • Looksharp. I was struggling to find a place to do internship. I found this website when I already decided where I wanted to intern.
  • Meister Task. It looks like Trello on steroid.
  • The Experiment Journal of Results. I have browsed their collection yet. They published results from all publicly funded research (those that got backed by Experiment crowd-sourcing platform).
  • ChemAxon. They make great chemistry software, like Marvin JS and Marvin Sketch.
  • Smallpdf. Great online app for converting documents. When I wrote this page, they do not support batch processing.
  • The Data Journalism Handbook. This is “a free, open source reference book for anyone interested in the emerging field of data journalism”, says the web page.
  • protocols.io. Share your protocols online here. They have (seemingly) decent mobile application.
  • Cold Spring Harbor Protocols. Bunch of protocols for making reagents or making assays. Cool beans for life science researchers.
  • iobio. They host modern-looking web application for genomic analysis.
  • Statistics for Biologists. Here is Nature.com collection of articles in statistical biology.


off the record

What I heard, there is a website known as Science Hub that could provide access to papers behind paywall, and a library known as Library Genesis to get free textbooks, provided there is a PDF version for it by the vendor/publisher (check with Amazon).