update May 26, 2013

Updates have arrived!

1. the economics of skipping class
2. MeGUI one-click tutorial
3. make parking a cinch with this parking guide infographic
4. going paperless: my virtual bookcase
5. 10 things to stop saying to your kids
6. thumbnail previews: enable or disable
7. the best way to learn CSS by Tutsplus
8. caught on camera: BN’s hatchet faced vote buyers
9. Malaysia, do you still believe
10. anger and hatred by Ahmad Fikri Ahmad Fisal
11. Disable animations to speed up old mac
12. corruption during robbery in China
13. earth’s center is out of sync
14. system on a chip: what you need to know
15. in a nutshell, how OpenStack works
16. what really happened during Philadelphia experiment?
17. an explanation why WP is slow at multi-tasking
18. Google-Now inspired Conky
19. VPN services that take your anonymity seriously
20. Giz explains: what a RAID drive array is
21. set-up real time and bulletproof backup redundancy with RAID
22. build a killer customized Arch Linux installation