study #1

Bookmarked items for my study needs Part #1

1. chapter 5 – the structure and function of macromolecules
2. 4 major macromolecules and their structure and fuction
3. solving logarithmic equations
4. factorization and quadratic equations | tutorial
5. factorization, factoring and factors
6. special factoring – sums and differences of cubes and perfect squares
7. functional group flashcard
8. completing the square solving quadratic equation | YouTube
9. ‘people’ – singular or plural?
10. tips on doing well in calculus
11. professional master’s in biotechnology – UPenn
12. subject-verb agreement
13. “I used to” vs “I’m used to it”
14. “If I were” vs “If I was”
15. “If I were you” and other subjunctive stumper

that’s all… thanks!

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