tips to be an all-nighter

Rummaging my Evernote, and I found few more unread links. To save up space on my Evernote, I port them here. You can read it too. Sharing is sexy.

1. how to function after sleepless night
2. how to recover after sleepless night
3. stay awake during day after sleepless night
4. pulling an all-nighter
5. stay awake after all-nighter
6. how to pull an all-nighter

New Findings On September 5, 2012
1. power nap
2. a guide to power-napping
3. effectiveness of power nap
4. power napping improves mental and physical performance
5. power-napping

Done! Hope you find these useful.



piles of unread links from Evernote #2

This time, links for Pre-Calculus and Calculus. I wanted to keep it simple, as follows:

Tips on doing well in Calculus [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Pre-calculus online tutorials and notes [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

To factorize quickly [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Khan Academy [1] [2]

Calculus: Piecewise function [1] [2] [3] [4]

Why did I use numbering like that? Because most of the articles linked above have the same name. So, why bother to name ’em all?˜

Special Section: Win7 tips from SevenForums


piles of unread links from Evernote #1

English Writing Skills

  • Guide To Thesis Statement

01. Thesis Sentence
02.  Thesis Statements | Pasadena City College
03. Thesis Statement | Wilfrid Laurier University
04. Write A Thesis Statement | WikiHow
05. Thesis Statement
06. Thesis Statement | Indiana Edu
07. Creating A Thesis Statement | Purdue OWL

  • Hyperbole and Metaphor

01. Hyperbole In English Writing | Grammar Tips
02. Examples Of Hyperbole
03. Metaphors Example In Literature
04. What Is A Metaphor

  • Topic Sentence And Controlling Idea

01. Topic Sentence Handouts
02. Controlling Idea, Topic Sentence
03. Academic Writing – Topic Sentence

  • Random

01. 50 Words That SAT Loves
02. SAT Word List

  • Show, Don’t Tell

01. Show, Don’t Tell | Quick And Dirty Tips
02. Show Don’t Tell | Daily Writing Tips
03. Is Show Don’t Tell Overrated?
04. Writing Tips – Show, Don’t Tell

*fingers gave out*

  • Epistemology of Knowledge

01. Kritikan al-Attas Terhadap Pandangan Alam (World View) Barat
02.  Ilmu Islam Dan Barat: Satu Penelitian
03. Falsafah Sejarah Dari Segi Epistemologi Perbandingan Timur Dan Barat
04. Memurnikan Falsafah Alam Sekitar Barat

Feh. Selesai.

update august 20, 2013

Don your helmet now, and start reading.

1. Ingrid Mattson: what’s up with muslims and dogs?
2. children in the masjid: making space for our future
3. why we think we need supplements – The Atlantic
4. understanding the CPU steal time
5. how to create an animated GIF from video on Ubuntu
6. understanding CPU load
7. which VPN service providers really take anonymity seriously? – TorrentFreak
8. why does Yahoo! buy failed startups? – The Verge
9. Pope Francis’ Ramadan Greetings For Id Al-Fitr sets interfaith example
10. 2013’s 10 best works of fiction so far
11. most commonly used backup methods – Apple Support Community
12. why a former NSA chief just made a big mistake by dissing hacker
13. what is the best college in America?
14. ‘Adams’ before Adam – Saiful Islam
15. making a bootable USB key from an .iso image on Mac OSX
16. formatted capacity confusion clarified
17. what your computer does while you wait
18. kids can’t use computer.. and this is why it should worry you
19. buying a laptop: everything you need to know – The Verge

:: Specially Grouped Entries ::

Entries taken from How-To-Geek.

1. how to get rid of the modern environment on a Win 8 PC
2. how to optimize Win 8.1 for a desktop PC
3. how and why all devices in your home share one IP address
4. Reliability Monitor is the best windows troubleshooting tool you aren’t using
5. HTG explains why Linux doesn’t need defragmenting

Entries on Cloning Disk by using CloneZilla.

1. using CloneZilla to create and restore disk images
2. must I backup the 100MB hidden partition when creating a disk image
3. restore disk image
4. how to use CloneZilla tutorial