update March 22, 2013

new updates after 1 month without any news

1. Polarized sunglasses: how they reduce glare
2. [instructable] Make a butter candle
3. [LYN] Learning japanese
4. Open Laboratory 2013
5. The pygmalion and galatea effect
6. [Wikipedia] Pygmalion Effect
7. The pygmalion effect and creativity
8. How to make an OSX recovery USB Drive
9. Circadian Rhythm sleep disorder
10. [instructable] modular bookshelf
11. How to use Excel to create a bell curve
12. UCK remastering UMR
13. vFAT vs FAT32
14. Periodic table
15. [instructable] satellite laser cannon
16. ResearchGate
17. Ultimate collection of Ps fire tutorials, brushes and textures
18. MacBook’s sudden motion sensor
19. KDE Plasma with sessionK
20. WordPress multisite guide for beginners
21. Protein that could change biotech forever – Forbes

Happy reading everyone!

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