study #2

Guys, this is the new list for study. Updated on March 22, 2013

1. Subjunctive – English Page
2. Subjunctive
3. Amino Acids – Flashcards
4. Who and Whom
5. Who, whom and whose – English Page
6. Liposomes and micelles: Differences and similarities
7. Liposome or micelles?
8. DNA vs RNA – Differences and comparisons
9. Purines vs Pyrimidines – Differences and comparisons
10. Sometimes, some time and sometime
11. Amino acid
12. A while / Awhile
13. Yahoo! Answer – Triplet code DNA
14. pH and enzyme functions
15. YouTube – explain factors affecting enzyme activity
16. a while vs awhile
17. DNA transcription process
18. is “any” singular or plural?
19. HigherED by McGraw Hill

Happy studying this weekend!

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