update June 22, 2013

Feeling a bit diligent to update Vault today.

1. DRM be damned – protect Amazon eBook
2. get rid of DRM from ebooks
3. Review – WinRAR, Winzip, MagicRAR, 7zip
4. know Arduino most common boards
5. geek guide to TrueCrypt
6. virtualized copy on Windows 8 without additional software
7. turn spare USB drive into multiboot ISO device
8. synapse indicator new search
9. Setup wireless hotspot access in Ubuntu
11. how caffeine could cramp creativity
12. why 64-bit Windows is more secure
13. creating WiFi heatmap
14. understanding your lack of sleep in college
15. mencari ‘sokongan sejarah’ terhadap kesudahan sunni – syiah
16. pedang ummah di ambang jatuhnya khalifah

Happy Holiday to all ADFP students!