special bookmarks – biology and stuffs

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about body-building. No big fuss, just wanna be fat. A paradigm shift for skinny-scrawny me.

1. 12 ways to revive and boost your metabolism
2. how to boost your metabolism naturally with B12
3. the skinny-fat syndrome
4. skinny guy’s guide to gaining weight
5. 10 tips to gain weight
6. [PDF] tips on gaining weight
7. 13 tips for guaranteed weight gain
8. how to gain weight for skinny guys
9. a beginner’s guide to protein shake
10. bodybuilding supplement

And also, few other stuffs….

1. scientists want to bring back 22 animals from extinction
2. scientists have grown the embryo of extinct species
3. binaural beats and how they affect your brain
4. Coffee : A great source for antioxidant and effective mood enhancer


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