Kemaskini Disember 21, 2012

Kemaskini terakhir untuk tahun ini, barangkali. Hambik kau…

01. Mastering linear algebra in 10 days
02. Four strategies that build lasting motivation
03. 31 mind blowing VFX breakdowns
04. CentOS/RHEL : install vnstat network traffic monitor
05. The interview method : why our assumptions about success are often wrong?
06. Peluang sebenar pemain industri kreatif Malaysia
07. Top 30 command examples for sys/network admins
08. Choice and truth : the dark history of modern zionism
09. Five counteractive ways to use procrastination and become productive
10. Build a killer customized Arch linux installation
11. For the same files, why Windows and Linux show different sizes?
12. Minda Tajdid : Peniaga – antara syurga dan neraka
13. Scrivener : An introduction to novel writing
14. Easel : A WYSIWYG Bootstrap page builder
15. Best book of 2012 from Goodreads
16. Free website monitoring – get downtime alert via SMS and email
17. The deep web? Dunia internet alam ghaib?
18. Arch Linux and Installation (Part 1)
19. Shut down, restart, remote control computer dengan menggunakan smartphone
20. How to finish your work, one bite at a time
21. Daily and weekly planning printables round up

Enjoy the materials 🙂


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