Kemaskini November 24, 2012

Today’s bookmark list

1. How to remaster/respin Linux Mint ISO images
2. Tanpa Strategi, Di Manakah Asbabnya Untuk Menang?
3. How many schools teach children to learn?
4. The Science of “Chunking,” Working Memory, and How Pattern Recognition Fuels Creativity
Nikola Tesla: The patron saint of geeks?
6. Hide Drives from Your Computer in Windows 7 or Vista
7. Show or Hide Drives in My Computer
8. Larrabee lives! 50-core Intel Xeon Phi unveiled, lures supercomputers away from Nvidia Tesla
9. Lightweight script to easily change screen brightness
10. The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Building a Hackintosh [OS X 10.8.2]
11. Getting to Grips with the Vanishing Point Filter
12. How to Use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5
13. How to Embed SWF in Your WordPress Posts
14. 33 fantastic Chrome extensions
15. Mona Lisa with pure CSS
16. Why would I care about the Higgs boson?
17. Cinnarch & Menukar Display Manager
18. The Power of Negative Thinking

Happy reading!

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