Special : ADP, Poltergeist, AWS and H264

Bulk content update.

2. SAT Downloads
3. Free SAT and ACT Test Prep, Practice, Questions, and More
4. TOEFL Sample Test
5. Free TOEFL Practice
6. Free TOEFL Test Preparation Exercises
7. University Applications (updated 17/08)
8. Academics for the Fall Semester
9. Tips and Resources on Standardized Tests
10. Free SAT Practice Questions

1. Parapsychology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2. Psychokinesis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3. Poltergeists: Noisy Ghosts or Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis?

1. How to Use Amazon S3 for Hosting your Website
2. Amazon S3 – The Beginner’s Guide
3. No Server Required – Jekyll & Amazon S3 – All Things Distributed
4. Amazon EC2 cloud is made up of almost half-a-million Linux servers
5. Setting Up WordPress on Amazon EC2 in 5 minutes
6. Amazon Glacier Cloud storage Review – The Most Affordable Online Backup Service
7. Amazon CloudFront – How To Setup CloudFront To Work With S3
8. Amazon EC2 Multi Domain Setup and Technology Behind 9lessons
9. This Web Site is Now Hosted on Amazon EC2 & S3
10. Blog: Moving to Amazon EC2
11. Self-Hosting a Small WordPress Blog or Website on Amazon EC2
12. 10 Million hits a day with WordPress using a $15 server
13. Amazon S3 Buckets Described in Plain English

1.H.264 Encoding using StaxRip – Digital Video Forums
2. Staxrip Encoding Guide.
3. How to Be An Anime Encoder
4. Handbrake Tutorial – Glitch Guides
5. x264 encoding tutorial ~60mb
6. RipBot264 v1.17.3 – Simple and easy to use GUI
7. How To: Convert 720p 300+ MB Anime Into 90 MB Without Significant Quality Loss
9. Converting to mini mkv , using Mini Coder
10. Video Tutorial Aegisub Untuk Beginner
11. Aegisub Tutorial and Combining subtitle with video
12. Stable StaxRip (With Updated Applications) & Guide


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