Kemaskini September 9,2012

Kemaskini untuk hari ini.

1. Kernel Upgrade & Persistency
2. Remove shortcut arrow in Windows 7
3. Latest WordPress Hack – Symptom, solution and resources
4. 15 Habits to develop before back to school
5. Advice for students – taking notes
6. Using scrivener and evernote
7. Raising successful children
8. How-To run a problem solving meeting
9. 20 most watched TED videos

12:00pm – new updates
1. Back To School – the best apps for every students
2. Plan your free online education at Lifehacker
3. Cover your butt at work through notes
4. [Kickstarter] The solar pocket factory
5. Scott H Young – MIT Challenge
6. Where arduinos are born : Touring a PCB factory
7. Work less to get more done

From WPMU (special for WordPress)
1. CodeGuard – Backup service for WordPress
2. Liveblogging wordpress plugin
3. 2 wordpress plugins – Project Management
4. The 36 free plugins that you may need

Sekian, terima kasih


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