Kemaskini September 6, 2012

Decided to remove the old bookmarked items from my xMarks database (and my Chrome browser too). Categorized into 2 sections – LYN bookmarks and “Doctor” bookmarks.

from forum (LYN Forum)
1. Web design cost / quotes
2. 3D Secure – verified by visa and Mastercard Secure
3. Debit card v3
4. Simple guide to engineering
5. Studying in US v1
6. Study in America!
7. Studying in the UK v3
8. Studying in the Canada
9. American Degree Program (ADP)

about “Doctors”
1. Pagavalan > Nurses, pilot and soon… doctors!
2. LYN > Medicine or Dentistry?
3. LYN > Medical Qualification Exam
4. TheStar > Re-look qualifiying medical exam for overseas’ grads
5. ReCom > Medicine in Russia. What do you think?
6. ReCom > Medicine in Russia today

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